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Apple Store: In the USA, plans are expected to reopen by mid-April

Apple has decided to close all Apple Stores to date – with the exception of those located in China – to counter the spread of Coronavirus (Sars-cov-2). The management of the Cupertino house in the last hours has started to inform its workers on the reopening of the stores in the US market: the goal that emerges from an internal document sent by Deirdre O'Brien, Senior Vice President of Retail + People, is about to start resuming business by the first half of April. The smart working activities arranged for employees would instead be extended until April 5; a weekly evaluation will be carried out to determine whether to maintain or suspend them, also based on the employee's location.

It is useful to contextualize the Apple project in the context of statements that President Trump released in the past few hours: the number one in the White House wants to reopen the country by Easter (April 12) and got the approval of the $ 2 trillion maxi plan to support the American economy hit by the health crisis; evidently Apple is preparing for the possible recovery by fixing it in the same time window.

Unfortunately, in recent days, the virus has hit the United States hard – 55,231 cases of contagion recorded and 801 deaths at the moment * – so much so that the WHO identifies them as the new potential global outbreak of the pandemic. A too hasty reopening may be counterproductive, but at the moment it is difficult to make predictions – it will depend primarily on how effective the containment measures will be. In the meantime, Apple is continuing to carry on sales activities through its online store which is also active in Italy. On the supplier front, on the other hand, it can benefit from a Foxconn ready to sustain the production peak that precedes the debut of the new generation of iPhones by a few months.

* Data updated as of March 25, processed by Johns Hopkins University & Medicine