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Apple: redeem codes to make in-app purchases for free


Apple now allows you to create redeem codes for In App purchases. Here's how they work

From today, Apple allows to use the redeem codes also for in-app purchases, and not only to download applications for free.

redeem In App

More news comes from Apple regarding purchases on the App Store, the application store for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac. Let's see what it is this time.

Apple finally introduces the ability to create and use redeem codes to make in-app purchases for free. While in the past redeem codes could only be used to download applications, games and programs, developers can now create redeem codes to allow users to shop for free in-app.

EA is the first software house to use these new redeem codes for in-app purchases, available on the official Real Racing 3 website for the App Store USA. With this novelty, developers will be able to offer new codes to users, giving away the contents of in-app purchases. At the moment the service is still being tested and enabled only in the USA and not yet arrived in Italy.

For the uninitiated, remember that i redeem codes for in-app purchases (but not only) are distributed in groups of 100 for each software update. Usable as iTunes Card codes, they are used for download the application for free and are used by developers as a promotion.

With this news today, however, redeem codes are also available forIn App purchasesand no longer just for applications. Surely this is a useful choice to allow you to try the potential of a distributed app with the freemium system, ie those apps offered for free but containing upgrades to unlock for a fee.

We will update you as soon as the new functionality also arrives in Italy.

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