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Apple multimedia case

A briefcase to immediately make a school class "multimedia and digital". This is the original idea behind a new offer studied by the Apple UK education department. "Your Digital Hub To Go" consists, in fact, in a "24 hours" inside which we find an iBook 500, a digital camera 2.1 megapixel Ixus, a Canon MV400i camera and a FireWire cable for connecting the devices to the laptop. Also included is a cable capable of charging all three devices.

Since the product is explicitly intended for the educational market, and therefore ends up in the hands of children of the most diverse ages, and to be used "on the field", the case has been carefully studied. It cannot be accidentally opened if overturned and the iBook can also be used without physically removing it from the suitcase. Of course iPhoto and iMovie are also available. The set appears to be a complete tool, capable of helping teachers in setting up innovative and sophisticated teaching programs at a particularly interesting cost for the offer presented. On the British market, the "Hub To Go" costs 2470 pounds, about 3900 euros. Unfortunately, at the moment, the "multimedia case" available only for the English educational sector.