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Apple is still investing in the iPhone 3D chip makers

Apple still invests in the iPhone 3D chip makers – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple still invests in Imagination and doubles, and beyond, its shares in the British manufacturer of processors for 3D acceleration in mobile devices. The purchase of Cupertino shares was made known by Imagination itself with a note released today.

Apple bought 2.2 newly issued shares, in addition to 11.52 million shares already on the market. The total investment is not known, but the newly issued shares had a market cost of 1.4275 pounds this morning. Apple's move is seen by some observers as a response to an investment implemented last week by Intel that had risen to 14% of the share capital of Imagination whose technologies are present in various Atom-based platforms. Now Apple controls 9.5% of the investments in the British company.

As known Imagination one of Apple's key suppliers. His are the PowerVr SGX processors we mentioned only last night; according to most journalistic sources, in the future the strategic alliance between Cupertino and Imagination is destined to count more and more in view of the launch of the processors created at home by Apple and based on ARM technologies. The objective, with the investment made, is that of not only supporting the research and development of Imagination but also that of influencing the direction taken by them.

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