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Apple iPhone 6: this is how it will truly be!


Directly from Foxconn, the 3D renderings of what could in all respects be the real iPhone 6

alleged iPhone 6 projects

By now we are used to it: every two years, in fact, Apple renews its iPhone with a slightly different design than the previous one. This is the year of iPhone 6 and therefore everyone expects a renewed and revised design, in addition to the classic hardware innovations as regards processor, camera, display and materials.

Unfortunately now still too early to find out what the processor or camera of the new iPhone 6 will be, but we can be satisfied, at least for now, with scover how the design of Apple's new iPhone 6 will look.

Thanks to sources very close to Apple, in fact, once again appear on the web first unofficial pictures of iPhone 6, the new Apple smartphone that will be presented in September. As we can clearly see from the shots that appeared on the web, as we expected the new oneiPhone 6 will feature a slightly different design than the current one, borrowed directly from iPad Air and iPod Touch.iPhone 6 it will be thinner than the current one, more elegant and above all it will have a larger display. We still don't know how many inches it will be, but it will certainly be wider than the current one, to compete directly with the top of the range Android, which now all offer a display of at least 5 inches.

obviously we can't be sure that iPhone 6 will actually be as it shows in these photos, but it is said that it takes 2 years to design a version of the iPhone and, considering that last year, and also the previous one, the phone was presented in September, it can be said with enough conviction that the plans for the next version are now ready and so this iPhone 6 is actually what the company will present shortly.

What you see in the photos the 3D scheme of the smartphone which confirms the design shown through the most recent mockups. Single aluminum body, except for bands on the top and rear, useful for antennas. New elongated and thin volume keys to replace the round ones of the current model. As for the dimensions, we can read 13.8 cm in height and 6.7 cm in width.

The iPhone 6 images you see in this article are images of the files intended for factories to start production of the device; as is evident, the photos resume the same design already seen in recent months. Obviously two clues, but also three, are not enough to have a proof, but they make us guess that we are really very close to the truth.

For now, we can only wait, hoping to have the first real photos of the iPhone 6 in our hands soon.Do you like this design?Unless surprises will actually be this iPhone that we will see on stage in a few months.

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