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Apple iCloud also hacked: Two Hackers unlock 30,000 stolen iPhones


Apple iCloud also hacked: Two Hackers unlock 30,000 stolen iPhones

After eBay, EBay hacker attack: Change your password immediatelyApple has also been attacked by hackers. This time a Hacker gang composed of Dutch and Moroccans managed to sneak into Apple servers and unlock over 30 thousand stolen iPhones.

This group of hackers managed to hack iCloud servers for the first time to unlock stolen iPhones. iCloud, in addition to storing user data, also allows you to lock, reset and manage an iPhone or iPad remotely.

In short, it would seem that these days hackers are getting busy all over the world, successively undermining the best protection systems on the web. At the moment Apple has not confirmed any anomaly for its services even if the hackers have published numerous photographs that would show the hack.

The two hackers, one Dutch and one Moroccan, called respectively AquaXetine is MerrukTechnolog have violated iCloud's security systems and would have unlocked all the iPhones that would have been stolen in recent months, and we are talking about over 30 thousand devices.

All this was possible simply by bypassing the procedure, mandatory for activating the devices. Fear is also a lot because once you have access to Apple servers, you can get a lot of personal information such asApple ID, passwords and others personal informations of the user present on iCloud.

The two hackers allegedly discovered the vulnerability over five months ago by analyzing the communication packets between an iPhone 5S and iCloud servers. By introducing a third device in this step, a computer capable of intercepting and translating packets, the couple would have been able to understand Apple's algorithms and steal other customer data.

According to what has been declared, the two would have privately notified Cupertino as soon as the possibility of interception would become clear, so that the company proceeded promptly to make servers and services safer. Apparently, however, Apple would not have given importance to the report, so as to convince the couple to apublic action as long as Apple takes the safety of users to heart and does not escape its responsibilities.

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