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Apple Glasses: production is underway, launch in 2022

By Giacomo Martiradonna Wednesday 25 March 2020

The iPad Pro LiDAR sensors pave the way for Apple Glasses, Augmented Reality viewers with apple. The first pair of glasses is expected to arrive by 2022.

The LiDAR sensors introduced with the new iPad Pro are only the first step in the Apple Augmented Realt revolution. From 2022, in fact, it will be the turn of the AR visors.

Apple Glasses: in 2020 with rOS operating system and Valve games

Apple Glasses: in 2020 with rOS operating system and Valve games

Analysts have no doubts: Apple's Augmented Reality glasses arrive in 2020, and will be based on rOS.

AR sensors

Bloomberg said it in November 2019: Apple, as we read then, is working on a "series of virtual and augmented reality devices" that initially debutter on iPad Pro next year; the famous "3D rear camera" that we have been talking about for months, and which has now materialized in LiDAR sensors.

But it is only the beginning of something very big. Digitimes explains:

"Apple Augmented Reality Goggles are in development. Taiwan-based optical component suppliers are engaged in the development of Apple's Augmented Reality glasses, which could be marketed by 2022, according to industry sources."

3D viewers

And this will only be the beginning, at least according to the rumors raised by Ming-Chi Kuo. The hope in fact to arrive at sophisticated "3D scanning" and "advanced human recognition" technologies within a few years so as to arrive at a finished product that stucco:

Apple's glasses will resemble Oculus Quest, Facebook's augmented reality viewer, but will have a more interesting design; Add to this Apple's will to use "large quantities of very light fabrics and materials" to ensure maximum comfort during long sessions of use of the device.

The viewers will feature cameras and high resolution display which will allow users to read "very small fonts" and "see other people in front of or behind virtual objects" thanks to technology that maps 3D environments and surfaces in real time. "To illustrate these features," explains the analyst, during a recent meeting "a virtual coffee vending machine was placed on a real kitchen table, surrounded by people. The vending machine hid the people behind it in the room from view. "

Tim Cook and his colleagues plan to launch the first AR viewer model by 2022 or 2023 at the latest; but a more modern and refined version in design and features, however, will arrive only the following year.