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Apple gives a 10% bonus by adding credit to the Apple ID account

Apple gives a 10% bonus to users who add credit to their Apple ID account to make purchases on Cupertino stores and digital services. The new promotion is active in our country, as well as in the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia and other states.

Apple informs that the promotion valid until April 3: the 10% bonus is obtained by adding a credit to your account for amounts between 1 euro and up to 300 euro. The maximum number of bonuses that you can get one. So for example if a user adds 10 euros to their Apple ID account, they get a one euro bonus. Loading 50 euro you get a 5 euro bonus, loading 100 euro you get a 10 euro bonus and so on.

Apple gives a 10% bonus by adding credit to the Apple ID account

The amounts added to your Apple ID personal account can be used to make purchases on Apple digital stores and also for subscription services. These include the App Store for apps, in-app purchases and Apple Arcade subscription, iTunes Store for music, movie purchase and rental, Book Store for ebooks and audiobooks, Apple Music subscription, subscriptions for additional space on iCloud and so on.

To add credit to your Apple ID account on iPhone you need to open Settings, select your username at the top, then select iTunes and App Store, select the first item at the top Apple ID followed by the associated email address, finally tap on View Apple ID . In the middle of the list on this screen, you can select Add credit to Apple ID.

Apple gives bonuses to users based on account information and purchase history, so the promotion may not be available to everyone. In this article, a tutorial on how to protect your Apple ID account with two-factor authentication.

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