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Apple explains green technology in 4 fun 1-minute cartoon videos

Apple explains green technology in 4 fun 1 minute cartoon videos – green technology

Lisa Jackson, Tim Cook and other Cupertino executives are transformed into cartoon characters in the 4 fun new videos published by Apple entirely dedicated to the themes of ecology, respect for the environment and green tech. The mix of topics, curious details and the creation in the form of a cartoon combined with humorous finds, thus making the 4 1-minute videos each enjoyable for anyone as well as interesting: for those who chew a little English we remind you that it is always possible to activate the YouTube subtitle function , by clicking on the icon immediately to the left at the settings wheel below.

In the first video entitled Solar farms feed yaks? Lisa Jackson cartoon version explains that Apple's 40 megawatt mega solar plant in China was built with solar panels installed high enough to make the sun hit the ground too. In this way, the grass of the fields necessary to feed the yak farms can continue to grow, so they have not been moved elsewhere. This solar farm produces enough energy to power all Apple offices and stores in China.

The second video entitled Can we produce zero waste? shows that Apple's 14 final production lines in China do not pour any waste into landfills. This was not always the case: the idea of ​​resetting disposable packaging and pallets was conceived by an Apple employee while visiting a factory in Guanlan, China. Among the most curious certainly the third video entitled Why does Apple produce its own sweat? in which we discover that Cupertino produces 113 liters of artificial sweat every year to carry out extensive tests of its products by simulating the contact with the skin of users.

Finally in the fourth movie A building can breathe? Dan Whisenhunt, real estate vice president of Cupertino explains the measures taken in the main circular building of Apple Park to create natural heating and ventilation, thus reducing air conditioning requirements by 35% every year. The publication of the 4 Apple videos on its non-random YouTube channel: Cupertino celebrates Earth Day every year (April 22) by publishing a report on the environmental sustainability of all Apple operations while in the Apple Stores, where the leaf of the bitten Apple logo it turns green, the employees abandon the traditional blue color for a few days to wear green t-shirts.

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