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Apple, announcement of profits below expectations?

Apple, announcement of profits below expectations? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Among the many rumors surrounding Apple's difficulties in delivering iMacs there is also that of a possible announcement by Cupertino of profits below expectations. The step, forced according to the provisions of the SEC, the body that controls the regularity of the exchanges on Wall Street when the management realizes the impossibility of maintaining the forecasts on profits, would be the effect of the low number of finished machines in channels and in the hands of consumers and, according to other sources, for the difficulties that Apple is also encountering in delivering the PowerMacs.

We specify that, in any case, at the moment it is only a matter of simple voices, not supported by any concrete data.

In any case, if the announcement arrives it will be placed in a time window located between March 25 and April 5, at least according to Needham's analyst, Charles Wolf interviewed by MacMinute.Wolf says he is rather skeptical about this option considering it unlikely a announcement of profits below expectations. The latest announcement of this type by Apple came in late September 2000 when, prey to the Cubo crisis and the now incipient recession in the IT sector, Cupertino declared that it would go in "red "In the financial statements for the first time in three years to that part. The announcement caused a collapse of the list by 50%. A hypothetical similar announcement by Apple at this time could not have the same effect since in unanimous judgment analysts predict a sparkling June quarter for Apple supported by the now supervening ability to meet the demand for the new iMacs and the consequent cash flow.

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