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Apple, a service to know in which iPhone Store is available

Apple, a service to know in which iPhone Store available – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has put the web page that helps American customers to search for the store with an iPhone in stock.

The web system, which only includes Apple direct sales outlets in the US, had already appeared on the occasion of the launch of the first and second iPhones. Its well-known efficiency: according to some sources, it draws directly from the software that manages Apple's warehouses and as such very precise. In practice, it says at all times (when shops open) which models are available in each store. This avoids customers going to a store and going out empty-handed or choosing the store with availability.

In the US, remember, AT&T also sells iPhones, but it does not have a similar system and according to some sources it is having problems meeting the demand.

From an overview of the Apple system, currently the least present model in stock is the 16 GB white. Note that Apple does not track the availability of the 8 GB model.

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