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Anti-thief software.

marzo 25, 2020

Anti-thief software. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

MacityNet has already touched on the subject of laptop theft in the past, this time we are going to discover PC PhoneHome together.

The specialized Brigadoon Software has two versions of the software that also works on Mac ready on the site: the Lite (free, 1 MB) and the Pro (costs 30 dollars). PC PhoneHome always communicates to a precise email address (chosen by the owner) l exact position on the Mac globe lost or stolen (but not necessarily) at every internet connection; nothing to do with GPS or other methods, but simply, and effectively, thanks to the IP parameters of the various ISPs. You can ignore these emails until the moment of the theft, then just check these messages from that moment on and you will read the data necessary to communicate to the police. Some might think that a complete initialization of the hard disk could make this software useless, true in the case of the freeware PC PhoneHome Lite version, but at least for the Pro version, simply because it prevents the erasure of the disk . Coming soon versions for Linux, PalmOS and PocketPC that will act with different modalities.

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