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AMD getting closer to Intel

AMD closer to Intel – logomacitynet1200wide 1

AMD's recovery on Intel continues The Sunvalley company, according to a recent survey by Dataquest, in fact reached the enviable penetration rate of 22% worldwide over the past year, the leap forward compared to 2000 would have been considerable: + 4%, which in a market the size of the PC market means hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue stolen from the competition. According to Dataquest AMF would have touched hard especially in the small and medium-sized sector and in the educational sector. In medium-sized enterprises, even, the market share would have gone from 11 to 28% with a leap that approaches the tripling of the share held during 2000. Among the markets most interested in AMD's products, the Japanese desktop market of which the company controls 42% today. Very well also in Western Europe where AMD has 41% and also well in Eastern Europe where, always in the desktop, it controls 28%. We remember that at the end of the 90s Intel controlled a market share very close to 80 % of the processor market and left no more than 15% of the segment to AMD. The situation in favor of AMD could accelerate again with the release within a few months of Hammer, the new 64-bit processor destined to compete with Merced and to invade at a much lower cost, the high-end sector of the market but also to attract towards high-performance processors market sectors that today are Intel customers but do not try their hand at products of the cost and target to which Merced himself addresses.

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