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Amazon Prime Video introduces Netflix-style user profiles

Amazon Prime Video, finally, fills one of its biggest gaps, introducing user profiles, which we now take for granted and use on Netflix and other TV streaming services: in fact, starting from last weekend, it is possible to create and customize more user profiles for each individual Amazon Prime Video account.

Thanks to this new function it is possible to create and add up to five additional profiles to your Prime Video account, visible together with the main default profile: in this way each family can have a total of six profiles. The main administrator one cannot be deleted. Amazon Prime Video user profiles can be created for both adults and children. The latter allows you to limit the visible video content, and select material suitable for children of the age of or less than 12 years.

amazon prime video user profiles

This will allow anyone, of course, to log in with their own profile and benefit from personalized recommendations, so as not to mix films and genres between the different family members, who access Amazon Prime Video with a single profile. The functions for creating and managing profiles are already available on Android, iOS, 10th generation or newer Fire tablets, the latest generation Apple TV and Chromecast. The gradual release, as reported by XDA, so the new features may not be immediately available to all users.

The same goes for the history of the contents viewed, last position and progress of reproduction for films and TV series, as well as the personal list of films and TV series to be seen. The novelty of Amazon Prime Video user profiles is particularly useful in this moment of health crisis when you are forced to stay at home. Like other video streaming services, the use of Prime Video, in fact, is expected to increase these days.

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