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AdBlocker: block, remove and remove advertisements on iPhone, iPod and iPad (Jailbreak)


DownloadAdBlocker: block, remove and remove advertisements on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Best program to block and remove advertisements on iOS

IOS and Apple users, today I report an interesting oneprogram dedicated to your iPhone, iPod and iPad. It's called AdBlockerand allows you to remove, remove and block advertising while surfing the internet with Safari or other internet browsers.With AdBlocker you can say goodbye to the annoying banner ads that appear on websites, as well as you can say goodbye to those hateful popup and popunder windows that open constantly when you use Safari or other internet browsers.

AdBlocker the definitive tool to remove advertising on iPhone, iPod and iPad, even those already updated to iOS 7. The only requirement: to install AdBlocker on iPhone, iPod and iPad you must have the jailbreak.

AdBlocker is a very easy to use program: you just have to download and install it from Cydia, the rest will automatically think about it without you having to do anything else. After installing AdBlocker, as if by magic, advertising on Safari and other internet browsers for iPhone, iPod and iPad will disappear and will not bother you anymore. WithAdBlocker remove advertising on Safari and other internet browsers for iPhone, iPod and iPadsar a breeze.

As said, in fact, AdBlocker not only blocks the advertising banners present on websites, but above all blocks annoying, hateful and useless pop-up windows that continue to open during web browsing. For example, I often visit the site and every two seconds a pop-up window opened that often made it impossible to navigate within the site. Finally with AdBlocker I solved my problems and I can open any site without advertising and without any problems. Fantastic!

I have been looking for a program like AdBlocker for a long time and now that I have found it I think I will never remove it. And the definitive program to block all forms of advertising on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

In conclusion, therefore, we can say without a shadow of a doubt that AdBlockersia is the best program available today to block, remove and remove advertising in Safari and in the Internet browsers of iPhone, iPod and iPad.

It is available for free on Cydia, just do a search to find it. It is downloaded from the BiteYourApple repo, so if you don't have it you must add it using this address: http: //

As said, to work this program needs jailbreak and fully compatible with iOS 7 (personally tested).

I close the article advising you to leave alone the similar programs found on the App Store: this is certainly the most effective and also free. A program of this type alone would be enough to convince any user to jailbreak.

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