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A sea of ​​curiosity inside iPhone / touch

A sea of ​​curiosity inside iPhone / touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Did you know that the longest game in Monopoly lasted 70 days? Or that a cockroach can live without a head for 9 days? Or to stay in the IT field that until 1994 the name of Yahoo! was Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web? Maybe you can't talk about real culture but Curiosit with its deposit of 500 unusual news, curiosities coming from the most disparate fields of knowledge represents an interesting addition to the catalog of iPhone and touch users. Perfect not only to deceive an unexpected wait, but also to show the qualities of our paperback, to animate a not really brilliant evening by starting original and interesting discussions starting from the strange and interesting topics offered by the application.

In the App Store window, the developer Leonardo De Luca promises that with the next free updates, the repertoire of 500 curiosities will be extended with "many" other goodies. Just 79 cents from this App Store page.

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