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9 different ways to use the Dodocool table lamp


The shape of the Dodocool table lamp is absolutely strange but the additional feature that makes it versatile: a long aluminum-colored cylinder that has the receptacle for USB charging at the base (with a white cable and a coaxial connector) and on the other a touch-sensitive button which allows you to adjust the light intensity.

Dodocool table lamp

The 5W lamp, characterized by an aluminum structure and 20 LEDs with adjustable intensity at different levels, including a mode for an energy-saving soft light. It incorporates a 1,100 mAh rechargeable battery which, when fully charged, ensures up to 4 hours of continuous light at maximum intensity, or 174 hours of lighting with minimum brightness.

The main use obviously that of courtesy light: put it on your bedside table and place the phone in the aluminum-colored metal support, connect the two to a USB power supply with dual output and the game is done.

But the small cylinder also has other fields of use: from the bedroom it can go to the kitchen, the study, the wardrobe and even in the area you dedicate to do it yourself: wherever you need concentrated or diffused, mobile or fixed lighting.

In our gallery we show you some "flying" installations.

The Dodocool lamp costs 18.99 euros but for a short time, using the code 2MACITY1 you pay only 13.99 euros.