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3 reveals the rates for iPhone, for subscriptions and rechargeable

H3G Italia has finally announced the rates for the iPhone, which will be available in all 3 stores from next July. In all, three different plans are available for each iPhone (8, 16 or 32 Gb) purchased with a rechargeable or with a subscription ( 24 months). Let's see the offers in detail.


For a 32 Gb iPhone 3GS, in the case of a subscription you can buy iPhones for 199, 249 and 299 euros, depending on whether you choose the Zero8 (79 euro / month), Zero7 (49 euro / month) or Zero6 plans respectively 29 euros per month) .The available data traffic will be 20, 10 and 4 Gb respectively.

The subscription conditions are identical in the case of 16Gb iPhone 3GS; it drops for the price, which will be 99, 149 and 199 depending on whether the Zero8 (79 euro / month), Zero7 (49 euro / month) or Zero6 (29 euro month) plans are chosen respectively.

The same goes for the 8Gb iPhone 3G, with even lower prices: choosing the Zero8, Zero7 or Zero6 subscriptions you will be able to pay the iPhone 0, 49 or 99 euros. Thus, by subscribing to a Zero8 subscription, the 8Gb iPhone will be free of charge. Data availability is always unchanged, with 20, 10 and 4 Gb.


In the case of recharges, it will be possible to choose a minimum monthly top-up of 10, 20 or 30 euros; in this case the iPhone 3GS 32Gb could cost 599, 399 0 299 euros. Still with the same choices for rechargeable batteries, the 16Gb iPhone 3G will cost 499, 299 or 199 euros, while the 8Gb 3G iPhone.

The offer for rechargeable batteries then includes, whatever option you choose, 3Gb of data traffic, even for those who will not subscribe to any subscription plan in rechargeable, by purchasing the bare and raw iPhone at full price: 499 euros for iPhone 3G 8Gb , 599 euros for the 16Gb iPhone 3GS and 699 euros for the 32Gb iPhone 3GS.

Surely the rates of 3 are very competitive; This could lead Vodafone and TIM to review their offers, very different from those of H3G. The exact day of the marketing is still unknown, however. The Macitynet forum discusses the rates of 3 at this link.

Thanks to Alberto Rosi, Alessandro Bruzzi, Matteo Rossi, Fabio Ruberto and Gennaro Sorrentino for the report.

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