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Samsung shipped a million 10nm DDR4 DRAM modules with chips made using the D1x process technology based on EUV lithography: the South Korean company claims to have successfully completed the collection phase of its customers' assessments. Once the effectiveness of EUV DRAM technology has been proven, the company is thus preparing for new generation production processes for PCs and high-end mobile devices, as well as servers and datacenters.

The adoption of EUV technology allows Samsung to drastically reduce development time and, at the same time, to improve yield and performance of the solutions implemented. To meet the growing demand for DRAM memories, the second production process will be opened at the Pyeongtaek factory by the end of 2020: the intent is to speed up the transition from DDR4 / LPDDR4 memories to the new generation DDR5 / LPDDR5 ones.