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With LiveChannel streaming video for everyone

The distribution of Channel Storm Live Channel in Italy begins in Italy, a product that opens to everyone the possibility of creating multimedia communications with applications both in the business world, in schools of all kinds and types and in their free time. With Live Channel, companies can broadcast live meetings and company presentations to their customers, affiliates and the sales force, schools and universities to broadcast special events, distance learning and to provide additional teaching materials to their classes.

"By replacing complex and expensive equipment, Live Channel allows – reads a press release from Active Sofware that distributes the product in Italy – to create a virtual television studio on a desktop or portable computer, managing all the problems of production and diffusion with a single easy-to-use application. With Live Channel it is possible to manage multiple video and audio sources, from consumer USB Web Cam, to professional DV / FireWire video cameras, to video recordings or audio clips, photographic images, logos and titles made with only text. Live Channel allows you to switch audio and video sources, with real-time overlays and transitions. It also allows you to encode video and audio in the QuickTime streaming format and includes an integrated streaming server to immediately perform Webcasting. " made with Live Channel can be viewed both on Mac and PC, using the free QuickTime player and can be broadcast both on local networks and on the Internet It is possible to download a demo version of Live Channel from this page.

The Lite version of Live Channel costs € 290.00, while the pro version costs € 1290.00. For schools, the cost of the Pro version reduced to € 650.00. Prices excluding VAT.

Learn more on the Active Software website