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With Koogeek Smart Socket E27 the first Homekit lamp holder arrives in Italy

marzo 24, 2020

(banner) … (/ banner) Do you want to automate or control with Siri a single lamp with Edison E27 fitting inside a chandelier or an applique connected directly to the electrical network? Now you can do it with Koogeek Smart Socket E27, the standard lamp holder adapter that works in Wi-Fi and with Homekit.

The device, which we saw in preview at CES 2017 together with the Wi-Fi controlled socket that will soon arrive in our country (see the images in the gallery below) allows you to include turning the lamp connected on and off directly from the control center of your iPhone or iPad.

Thanks also to the detection of the energy consumed directly by the lamp (which however are fixed) you can add up its consumption in dedicated applications.

Obviously with the support of the Siri voice control it is possible to include the connected lamp between the devices of an environment or a scene and activate Timers or switch-ons depending on a sensor included in the scene itself.

With the lamp, also manageable through the dedicated application Koogeek Home, it is possible to set personalized schedules and timers for the single light bulb or a scene in which the lamps managed directly will be activated or deactivated at a specific time automatically.

Below is a gallery that also shows the command possibilities (obviously Siri and “Casa” can be used in Italian).

We remind you that thanks to Homekit, if you have an Apple TV or an iPad enabled you can also access your home remotely to check all the connected accessories in the house. Find all the information on Homekit in this special Macitynet page.

The adapter allows you to use all the lamps with Edison E27 socket, obviously including those of the LED, CFL type up to 25 watts: therefore be careful not to use it with the old incandescent and halogen lamps of higher power.

The cost to the public of 39.99 Euros on Amazon with free shipping (even without Prime).