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With Healthy Home Coach Netatmo air analysis with Smartphone and Homekit

To complete the management of a smart home, there is no device more intelligent than that which allows the analysis of air quality and other important parameters such as humidity, temperature and even noise and verifies compatibility with healthy living in a given environment.

And what it does Healthy Home Coach: tracks and records all internal environmental elements by collecting personalized data from the user's environment and provides tailored insights, which can be implemented according to the season, time of day, measurements or user profiles.

The user knows exactly when to adjust the light and can make sure that each room is properly heated or cooled, or that the noise in a child's room is not too loud for healthy sleep.

HEALTHY HOME COACH4Healthy Home Coach knows exactly what needs to be changed to create a healthier environment for every member of the family, from an infant to an asthmatic child. Obviously, thanks to the management App, each user can access the internal climate parameters from any location and with different devices. Healthy Home Coach in the home, users can monitor the environment of all rooms from a single application.If one of the internal environmental elements reaches an excessive level, the user is immediately notified with notifications on their smartphone, which suggest that they take appropriate actions to improve well-being internal.


In the app there are three profiles: one dedicated to children, one to asthmatics and one standard.

With a touch on the top, Healthy Home Coach lights up to give immediate updates on room hygiene.


Furthermore, by checking the application, the user can see the history of the data of each element monitored by the device to check and adapt their behavior and decide the best time to air a room.

Thanks to the compatibility with Apple HomeKit, the user can ask Siri how healthy his home is and can customize the scenarios to connect Healthy Home Coach with other smart devices according to the different combinations. For example, open the windows when the indoor air pollution level is too high, or turn off the heating when the temperature is too high.

Healthy Home Coach compatible with Wifi 802.11 b / g / n (2.4 GHz), the dimensions are 45x45x155 mm and compatible with iOS 9 or Android 4.4. Homekti compatibility allows access to measurements also with Apple Watch.

The cost to the public of Healthy Home Coach of 99 Euro including VAT and will be available at the Netatmo online store, on the Apple Store online on Amazon (in reservation)

from 30 November 2016.