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Whatsapp, 5 games to play in chat

Whatsapp, 5 games to play in chat

Guess who I'm talking about?

In turn you choose a person or a person known to the whole group. Whoever thought about the subject of the game must then answer the questions of the other participants to help them guess the character based on the clues.

But let's add a difficulty. Only questions that can be answered with an yes or no can be formulated, articulated answers are not allowed.

Here are some examples of questions:

  • a man?
  • has blonde hair?
  • a living character?
  • do I know him personally?
  • wears glasses?
  • and so on


A game that immediately brings us back to childhood.

The player on duty writes in chat only the first and last letter of a word and between the two letters as many dashes as there are missing letters.

The other participants in turn will try to guess the mysterious word. Whoever guesses, earns one point.

The winner is the one who accumulates the most points after a whole round of words, that is, a mysterious word for each participant.

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Let's go back to the images.

The player on duty sends a photo of a detail of an object in the chat and invites the participants to guess what it is.

After the first round of hypotheses, a second detail can be sent and so on up to five details.

The points will therefore be 5 to 1 for each spin, depending on how many clues will be released. If you guess at the first hit, the points will be 5 and then each clue will decrease by one unit.

Let's build a story

The game consists of building a collective story, with the first player starting with a story of two or three lines and the others who take turns in the story giving it the desired cut.

A game that can have funny, hilarious or totally meaningless implications (and therefore also very amusing for this).

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