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Vodafone: a technical note on tethering and MMS

Vodafone: a technical note on tethering and MMS – logomacitynet1200wide 1

That with iPhone 3.0 Vodafone customers would not have been able to have tethering, or to connect iPhone as an external modem, our site had anticipated it a few days ago. The confirmation was punctual with the launch of the new operating system which, as several readers have noted, does not make this useful function possible, regularly enabled by Tim. The problem, as Macity has always anticipated, of a 'technical' nature and will be resolved by mid-July. All this, so far written only by sites like ours, now black on white also with some 'instructions for use' on Vodafone Labs.

The site dedicated to technical notes and the discussion between users underlines: 'at the end of the update process (and of unbrick for 3G S models) it is proposed to' update the settings', if you accept the Tethering functionality is disabled (i.e. modem functionality) and the MMS settings are correctly set, if you refuse you can perform Tethering but not send and receive MMS. If you prefer to use the MMS service, once the software update is finished, you will have to accept the further update of the 'manager settings' proposed by iTunes; if you do not accept the pop up, the phone can be connected with a personal computer and used as a modem at the current rates provided by Vodafone. In case of refusal to update the 'manager settings' – he continues – this will be repeated every time the iPhone is connected to iTunes. Once you have accepted the change in the "manager settings" to have the PC modem function available again, you will need to wait for Apple to make a new update available.

The site explains that this' aut aut '(or tethering or MMS) will be outdated' by a software update that will allow the phone to be enabled for both MMS and internet browsing from PC using iPhone as a modem will be available for Vodafone by mid-July 2009 '

Recall that there are some hacks on the Internet, as reliable and recommendable difficult to say, developed by third parties that allow you to enable both tethering and MMS.

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