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Videos from iPhone 3Gs to Youtube: first experiment

After testing in our direct night the low light shooting capabilities of the iPhone 3Gs (see direct for the download of the movies and photos) this early morning we tried to use the photo and video capabilities for some macro shots . Among all the videos we have made, we have chosen one to carry out our experiment. Once shot, the film can be reviewed and cut (only head and tail, without the possibility of mounting on the phone). If we connect iPhone to Mac or PC this is transferred through iPhoto, Adobe Photo Album, plus on PC the iPhone is seen as a flash memory from which to draw contributions from the DCIM folder: The 30-second movie, once transferred to the Mac it weighs about 13 MB.

But you can do more: if you have a YouTube account and an efficient connection (Wi-fi or mobile) you can upload the video online. The phone takes care of compressing the video before uploading to save you time.

The loading time of the test video (30 seconds) on the Youtube server of about 3 minutes (obviously also depends on your connection speed). At the end of the upload, a message appears that takes you or to the youtube application on the iPhone or the possibility of sending the video link to a friend. Attention, however: it is not said that the video will be made immediately available; YouTube in fact processes the data, performs checks and, in our case, it took about 7 minutes to allow the consultation of the video.

The end result is what you see in the window below and we must sincerely tell you that the original movie has a higher quality and above all less "snappy"

Later we will try to insert the same video, once imported to the Mac, from the computer interface for YouTube.

Below we show you the original video as you can see it on the Mac before importing. Attention: reduced to the size of the YouTube video shown above, to view it correctly you must download it from this link and view it at the original size of 640 × 480 pixels.