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USB 2, the king of interfaces and peripherals

USB 2, the king of interfaces and peripherals – logomacitynet1200wide 1

USB remains and will remain the main peripheral connection system for a long time. According to Cahners in Stat, a market analysis company, which recently published a detailed report on the Universal Serial Bus standard. According to Cahners in Stat USB the most successful system in this field in computer history, a domain that will become even more pervasive when USB 2 begins to establish itself. About USB 2 the survey claims that it will have explosive growth increasing at a rate of 220% per year until 2006. 'Usb' said Brian O'Rourke, an analyst at In-Stat 'and it shows that it can be found everywhere. USB 2 will be adopted rapidly, growing rapidly in the first half of the current year; in the second part of the year, the first PCs will also arrive with the support for USB 2 integrated into the chipset ', a fact that should further facilitate their adoption. By the end of the year, peripherals with those in the front row that need very high speeds should also begin to emerge. This is the case of optical and HD devices. According to In-Stat another success factor for USB 2 will be the implementation of the On-The-Go standard that will allow USB devices to connect to each other without having to go through a computer . In this case, we could also see PDAs, cell phones and gadgets equipped with USB 2 connectivity. The survey to see consumer electronics in the sector where USB 2 could struggle more to establish itself. 'In this field' says the report 'not only the least important speed, but there are also other systems for data transfer', including IEEE 1394, that is FireWire.We remember that Apple has not yet disclosed its plans on USB 2.Difficult, however, to think that the Cupertino company will not release motherboards compatible with the standard. But this certainly won't happen before the release of FireWire 2 which will project IEEE 1394 at 800 Mbps, which could happen by the summer or early next year.

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