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USA: Homeless people buy iPhones and cheat Apple, that's how they did it


The iPhone scam signed by homeless people in the USAApple Store ballet

In the USA, many homeless people managed to buy an iPhone from Apple without paying for it. Here's how the scam worked.

The American newspaper 9news noticed one Apple scam and telephone operators regarding the purchase of the iPhone, the most desired and requested smartphone in the world. But what did the scam consist of? How did they manage to implement it? Here are all the details of the Apple scam.

They call her iSchemer, the scam monitored at the Apple Creek Apple Store where dozens of homeless people sign up for iPhone subscriptions every day in exchange for a few dollars. The subscription is obviously no longer paid and society cannot claim against people who have nothing to seize.

In practice, these people entered the Apple Store and purchased an iPhone by subscription. Incredibly in the USA, contrary to what happens in Italy, very easy to sign up for a subscription and all the guarantees provided to Italian merchants are not necessary. In this way tvery old lieutenants entered the Apple Store, bought their iPhone and maybe then even resold it in exchange for large monetary sums.

According to the journalists who followed the story, Apple employees may also be involved in the system,otherwise the absence of alarm bells would not be explained when such a large number of homeless people showed up for subscription.

In Italy the problem has been partially solved by associating the subscription to a credit card on which checks are carried out, even if in reality the problem has been simply moved by the shopkeeper to those who buy a used iPhone (or other smartphone).

In practice, in Italy when you sign up for a subscription you need to provide a non-rechargeable credit card number. For as long as the person closes the account or leaves it at zero to stop paying the subscription installments. In addition, often and willingly these people resell their smartphone on the used market, without informing the unsuspecting buyer that the smartphone had been purchased by subscription. A few months after the purchase, so, the unsuspecting buyer is with the phone blocked by the operator through IMEI and unable to make and receive calls. Indeed, often when you call the telephone operator for more details, it turns out that the phone has been blocked for theft, when in reality it simply happened that the original subscriber of the subscription has stopped paying the installments, so the device has been blocked by the 'operator.

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