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Tweak OS Experience is coming: here's what multitasking will be like on iPad (video)


[Cydia] OS Experience is coming, the tweak that will revolutionize multitasking and multiwindows on iPad

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I always thought that Android was an open and highly customizable operating system from every point of view, but apparently I was wrong. An iPad with the right Cydia jailbreak and tweaks can really work wonders and this tweakOS Experience proves it.

OS Experience a tweak that will soon arrive on Cydia for iPad is that completely revolutionize the way we understand multitasking. Are you aware of the multiwindow function that Samsung has added to its new Android tablets? Here, take the Samsung multiwindow, power it up and make it more beautiful and customizable and you will get OS Experience.

OS Experience a tweak that will be released soon on Cydia and that will allow open multiple programs simultaneously on iPad, with the possibility of having floating windows that can be resized at will. Fantastic!

If all this seems impossible to you, know that the developer of OS Experience, suchEvan Swick, well advanced and his tweak almost ready to arrive on Cydia, as shown by the video you find at the end of the article. Basically, as can be seen from the video, OS Experience brings theMission Controlthat Apple uses on itsMac OSXdirectly on the iPad, completely revolutionizing multitasking and managing multiple apps simultaneously.

Clearly the size of the window that will contain the application can be decided by the user. Thanks to OS Experience we will therefore have the possibility to open multiple programs simultaneously on iPad and we will also be able to manage them all together: we will be able to surf the internet while we play, or watch a movie while we are on Facebook. In practice it is the multiwindow function already seen on Android but enhanced and perfected: that of Samsung, for example, compatible only with a few programs, while this OS Experience can work with all the apps installed on iPad. I can finally watch SkyGo while I play Football Manager

Here's what the developer says when he talks about this revolutionary tweakOS Experience:

OS Experience, the revolutionary iOS tweak that brings true multitasking to your iPad.Influenced by Mac OS X, OS Experience is a fully-featured window manager and multitasking switcher. Apps can be resized, rotated, and moved at will. The switcher also includes live previews of all running apps.OS Experience, the revolutionary Tweak that brings true multitasking to your iPad. Influenced by Mac OSX, OS Experience is a full-featured windows manager and multitasking switcher. Applications can be resized, rotated and moved. The switcher also includes a preview of the running app.

At this point you just have to wait for the arrival of this revolutionary tweak, which should be available on Cydia within a few days. Probably OS Experience will cost $ 10, a fair amount considering the amount of work behind such a tweak.

We leave you with thevideocreated by iDownloadBlog where all the are shown in detailfunctionsof OS Experience:

[youtuber youtube = ’http: // v = teFyAqj1eog’]

I can't wait for this tweak to arrive!

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