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Tre Italia will have the iPhone

Tre also sells iPhones. Here is the sensational news of the last few minutes.

The phone appears on the first page of the Italian mobile operator of the H3G group accompanied by a laconic statement: "3 Italia – it is learned – today announced that it had signed an agreement with Apple to launch the iPhone in Italy in July. The iPhone 3G S, the fastest and most powerful iPhone ever, will be available to all 3 customers. The 8 GB iPhone 3G will be available starting from 0 euros for subscription customers. "

From what we learn the phone will therefore not have particularly different conditions at least on the purchase of the entry level hardware compared to Vodafone and Telecom which also offer the 8 GB model at zero euros. The difference, most likely, will be made by the H3G Italia tariffs, which have always been very aggressive, especially as regards data. An affordable phone combined with perhaps unlimited data rates, as can be expected from Tre, would be disruptive for our market and would undermine the position of Vodafone and Tim who have always timed on true flat rates.

Three had long been courting Apple for the sale of the iPhone. Last year, as reported by Macity, the operator had given the agreement by fact, only to then deny, in some statements made on our site, the actual materialization of the agreement. Most likely Tre returned to the attack these days and taking advantage of something that, now the suspect is becoming a kind of certainty, not going in the right direction between Apple and the two historical partners, has hooked the company of the Apple perhaps putting on the plate what Vodafone and Tim have always been reluctant to give: the mentioned real flat rates.

The prospect of a last-minute agreement arises from some messages launched on Twitter during the last days where on Channel Three people started talking about "bbona fruit" and "waiting for the green light". This morning, as reported by Macity, it seemed quite clear that something was about to happen and something happened.

We recall that Apple's three gi partners in Hong Kong and Australia.

The iPhone on Tre will arrive in a few weeks, to be precise in July.

Thanks for the report to Stefano Merlano.