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Transformers, the comic for iPhone and iPod touch

Autobot against Decepticon, the war is not over. While the second chapter of the Transformers saga is approaching in theaters, the film directed by Michael Bay and produced by Steve Spielberg, here comes the comic book version for iPhone, as it was for JJ Abrahms' Star Trek, of which we have already spoken . Among other things, this digital appointment on the iPhone, with four episodes of the comic all in English, faithfully reproduces the Star Trek operation by presenting a prequel of the plot in the digital version of the paper comic.

The saga of these colossal digitally animated beings who flee from their planet near destruction to go to inhabit the Earth, and confront each other in the umpteenth version of the clash between good and evil, characterized by the fundamental role of the American army (involved in Afghanistan and Iraq in the first chapter) and now instead moves the action to France and Egypt.

The film, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, will be released in American theaters on June 22nd and on June 24th in Italian cinemas. Among the actors, it should be emphasized that the two protagonists remained, the young and talented Shia LaBeouf and the phenomenal Megan Fox, who became famous with the first chapter of the saga, released in 2007, and now a candidate for numerous other film appearances.

The four chapters of the saga in comic format for iPhone and iPod touch are available at 79 cents each.

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