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To draw the right outline: Silhouette

Active begins the distribution in Italy of Silhouette of the Belgian software house FreeSoft: the program that allows the creation of vector images starting from bitmap images, even if of poor quality.

It is of particular interest to graphic designers, to those who develop in Flash, atypographs, screen printers, photo engravers, for those who create exhibition stands and for engineers and architects.

The process of rapid vectorization and allows you to get the most out of your documents, regardless of the original quality. The design can be used in your favorite graphics program and easily enlarged.

Silhouette has tools that allow you to retouch: the program itself that suggests what changes are to be made.

Those who deal with graphics often have the problem of having to redesign a logo or illustrations as the files they receive are far from perfect, being taken from scanned business cards, fax or low definition files. Silhouette supports the Flash format , and the DXF export useful for technicians and engineers who often have to rework old maps taken with a scanner. Silhouette is sold in a Light version that manages black and white images and does not offer correction tools and does not export to .dxf, and in the version Pro, both as a download and in a package with the manual; runs on Apple Macintosh computers with MacOS 8.5 and later. It is also available in the Mac OS X version.

The program has been completely translated into Italian and can be tried by downloading the demo from the Active website.