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Time "Apple won't make the speaker with Amazon Echo's competitor Siri"

Don't expect a speaker with Siri. There won't be. To clarify this once and for all Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies Inc. who, for over thirty years, has been involved in consulting and analysis for most of the hardware and software suppliers in the field of personal computers and more generally in consumer electronics. In an in-depth analysis published in Time he explained the reasons why Apple would not be willing to build a speaker with Siri to be placed at home and thus remove the market from Amazon Echo, the most feared competitor in this sector.

Although with a somewhat slow start, 11 million units have been sold to date and there would be plenty of room to grow if we consider that the Seattle multinational has opened the system integration to third-party companies, including car manufacturers and manufacturers. of household appliances. But that's not enough.

In fact, no technology that is omnipresent in our life like the smartphone and Apple, which sells almost 75 million every quarter, knows well that it has a significant competitive advantage. The choice not to make a speaker with Siri – although, let's make it clear, there is no absolute certainty about it – should not however be seen as a negligence on the part of Apple towards the expansion of artificial intelligence and its own voice assistant. In short, in that of Cupertino you are certainly not sleeping on your laurels.

speaker with siri

Siri in fact born on the iPhone, more precisely made its appearance on the iPhone 4s in 2011, but then arrived almost immediately on the iPad (third generation model of 2012), subsequently finding space in Apple TV (tvOS, 2015) and entering, only a few months ago, on Macs thanks to macOS Sierra. Let's not forget that Siri is also present in cars with CarPlay, always on the wrist with Apple Watch and, with a double tap, you can easily recall it from the brand new AirPods. In short, for loyal Apple users, the voice assistant probably always at hand.

For the Cupertino company this is very important, especially in view of the long battle that lies ahead not only with the assistant Alexa of Amazon Echo but also with Google Now and Microsoft Cortana. Apple believes in AI, has repeated it several times, but not interested in copying Amazon Echo. The reasons lie in the statements of some Apple executives who, in discussing it with Bajarin, explained that the company has a greater interest in wanting to make Siri omnipresent rather than limiting it to a single speaker.

That's why with Siri, thanks to HomeKit, you can control appliances in the home. And not from a single point in the house, as Amazon Echo does. But from any Apple device, anytime. Everywhere.

speaker with siri