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TikTok: no HD video for a month

The list of online platforms that renounce the maximum quality of their contents to safeguard the network from possible overloads is growing. The European Union asked for it a few days ago, and already all the main players have adapted by reducing the bitrates and the resolution of the images.

TikTok thus joins Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube, and with a press release announces that for a month high definition will not be available for content to be shared and displayed on the social platform. Again the will is to "do not add further pressure on infrastructure and network capacity as a whole". The decision was voluntary, and the limitations affect the whole world with immediate effect.

This is obviously a more symbolic contribution than anything else, but which can contribute – albeit in a minimal part – to preserving the network by guaranteeing everyone the connection. Contribution of other dimensions is instead what TikTok has given in economic terms, donating $ 10 million to the World Health Organization and its Solidarity Response Fund. With this fund, WHO provides support and equipment to healthcare professionals who are working on the front lines, and will be able to fund research on treatments, treatments and vaccines.

A further commitment by TikTok is to disseminate WHO videos in order to (a) make good information and (b) help people by indicating for example how to correctly wear a mask.