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The Lyric thermostat with Honeywell's Homekit arrives in Italy: prices and release date

Honeywell Italia confirms the availability in our country of the two versions of the Lyric thermostat announced in recent days.

These are two models that differ in their flexibility of placement: Lyric T6 the wired version, which allows you to use pre-existing cables and wall application while T6R has a wireless mode to be positioned where you prefer.

The temperature and programming can be set by Smartphone but also consulted and modified by Apple Watch also with voice commands or direct access to the Home settings. The touch screen display, temperature adjustment based on the position (geo-fencing) are all manageable intuitive user interface and offer features that increase the level of energy saving.

The basic characteristics are:

– Dedicated app: you can adjust the comfort of your home at any time and in any place (or simply change some of the settings). – Latest generation technologies: Honeywell compatible with other ecosystems, in particular Apple HomeKit *, the application that allows you to control the thermostat using an Apple device ** and to access all the other HomeKit enabled devices in the home. – Intelligent learning: Lyric T6 learns and stores the home's heating cycles so as to reach the desired temperature in the required time slot. linear: touch display inserted inside a black frame that adapts to any type of furniture. – Smart notifications: Honeywell's intelligent thermostat warns when temperatures in the home are reached beyond a set limit.

T6 "width =" 1149 "height =" 557 "srcset =" 1149w, wp-content / uploads / 2016/10 / T6-480x233.jpg 480w, 1024w "data-lazy-sizes = "(max-width: 1149px) 100vw, 1149px" src = "" /></p><p>Lyric T6 is added to Honeywell's range of intelligent temperature regulation systems, which includes evohome connected comfort, a device that allows you to manage up to 12 different areas inside the home and that Macitynet tested last year in the extended version and this year for the single thermostat Y87.</p><p>The retail price for Italy will be 199 Euro including VAT for the T6 model and 249 Euro including VAT for the T6R model with wireless mode for free placement in the home.</p><p>The two thermostats will be available in Italy from October 15th.</p><p></p><!-- WP QUADS Content Ad Plugin v. 1.8.17 --><div class=