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The Italian iPhone manual mentions the purchase of videos

The Italian iPhone manual mentions the purchase of videos – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The download of videos in Italy is not yet there, but on the manual dedicated to the phone, everything is ready. How it is possible to download videos to iPhone using iTunes i speaks clearly on page 172 of the manual, in the chapter "buying or renting videos".

The choice to present instructions on how to download videos even if the service is not active in Italy is certainly not surprising; in the past we have already had the opportunity to see services that are not really active even for our country. More curious is the fact that on page 171 a screen from the iTunes store appears with the video option at the bottom of the bar, not currently available on the iPhone.

The difference between the two screens, which we present below, is evident. Is this just a reconstruction done by Apple with Photoshop or is somewhere in Cupertino working on the video store for our market?

The legitimate question also in light of what happened a few days ago when our site signaled the appearance of the description of the rental and sale of films service on the Italian store, information removed after the publication of our article.

Thanks for the report to Eros Aniballi

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