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The iPhone 12 will have cameras with better lenses and a stabilized sensor

The decision to consistently improve the camera sector of the iPhone 11, a novelty much appreciated by users and the market, will also be adopted by Cupertino for the iPhone 12: for the upcoming range Ming Chi Kuo anticipates significant improvements to the camera sector, not only with new and better lenses, but also with a top model on which a sensor-level stabilization system for images and videos will debut for the first time on iPhones.

The main novelty for it seems to be reserved exclusively for the larger and more expensive model. For iPhone 12 6.7-inch OLED the analyst indicates the arrival of the sensor shift technology for stabilization. This solution would allow to extend the stabilization for photos and videos even to the wide angle. At the moment, in fact, Apple uses optical stabilization on the iPhone 11 Pro, but only when the user is using the wide-angle or telephoto lens.

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Instead with the introduction of the sensor shift technology provided for iPhone 12 all three cameras will benefit from stabilization, regardless of the lens used. Unfortunately, according to the new report, it seems that this technology will be limited to only one top of the range model, contrary to what Cupertino has done in the last two years with identical technical specifications for the pair of top models, different only for the diagonal of the display. Indeed Ming Chi Kuo, as reported by MacRumors, predicts that stabilization with sensor displacement will be extended to two or three models in 2021.

The other advance news regarding the iPhone 12 and the cameras concerns the lens modules. Now the iPhone 11 employ 6P lenses, while for the iPhone 12 Cupertino it seems to employ at least a 7P lens therefore 7 elements. This improvement will affect all models, therefore both terminals with 5.4 and 6.1-inch screens with dual cameras, and the upper ones with 6.1 and 6.7 with triple camera and LiDAR sensor for distance and depth. So in all four iPhones 12 one of the cameras will have a lens with 1 / 2.6-inch 7P lenses for the wide-angle camera. Instead in the top 6.7 model there will be a 7P 1 / 1.9 inch lens for the wide angle, an element that can also take advantage of the stabilization with sensor movement.

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Finally, the analyst also indicates that so far Apple has provided mostly Largan Precision for the lenses, but that with the iPhone 12 a higher quality of orders will also be extended to Genius, thus allowing a better diversification of supplies. This latest report by Kuo joins other previously emerged reports that anticipated the arrival of better lenses and also of sensors with higher resolutions, up to 64 megapixels.

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