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The first 1 GHz Arm debuts in Japan

The first one GHz Arm debuts in Japan. Toshiba, one of the leading companies in the field of technology in the country of the Rising Sun, to bring to light the record-breaking processor and to do so uses an iPhone competitor, the Toshiba T-01A, as a 'trojan horse'.

The phone well known to Mactynet readers; our site had taken part in the preview in Milan last February when Toshiba presented the specifications of the European model (which will be marketed by the summer); if you have not already done so, please read our article which exposes many details of the T-01A. The Japanese version, offered by DoCoMo, the main local mobile operator, practically identical to that for our continent: one centimeter thick, 4.1-inch touch screen with 800 × 480 resolution, HSDPA, WiFi, aGPS and, in fact, 1 GHz ARM processor.

The processor's secret is the Snapdragon platform that Qualcomm makes its own debut with the T-01A; the chipset is the first in the world to touch GHz in a universe where ARM-based technologies currently stand at around 600 MHz, as happens with the Samsung of the new iPhone 3G S. The processor flanked by components that decode high-definition video at 780p and accelerate 3D (22 million triangles per second). The graphic core managed by AMD technologies.

Snapdragon will arrive first at 1.3 GHz and then at 1.5 GHz with developments towards multicore (Cortex A9 technology will be precisely multi-core).