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Tethering with Vodafone, at an additional cost

For tethering on iPhone with Vodafone it will not be possible to use the two GB data bundle included with the special rates for the Apple mobile phone. Here is what it seems to be able to deduce from some information published on the mobile operator's site in the pages dedicated to subscriptions and from some checks carried out on traffic and billing by a reader of our site.

The suspicion (not to say a certainty if it were not that at the moment it is not possible to say anything definitive pending the enabling of the tethering service) arises primarily from a note that appears at the bottom of all sections (see for example this for the iPhone 16 GB) dedicated to the 'Easier for iPhone' rates published today where it reads: 'For information on rates and promotions to be able to surf on your computer using iPhone as a modem visit the section dedicated to Internet offers or to the number free 42070 '.

Even the technical note that we gave account of yesterday afternoon and which specifies how to enable tethering as an alternative to MMS (a problem that should be solved later) is basically said the same thing: 'If you update the software of your iPhone (or if you own the iPhone 3G S) and the pop up is not accepted, it can be connected with a personal computer and used as a modem at the current rates provided by Vodafone '.

As if this were not enough, even on the page dedicated to the business world, we mention, even more clearly, the need for an extra fee: 'In order to use your new iPhone 3G S as a modem (In tethering mode) and connect it to your computer to navigate on the Internet you can activate the Vodafone Mobile Broadband options ”.

Curiously, however, in the page of the Mobile Internet for iPhone, no mention is made of the extra costs n of the iPhone as a modem. But there seems to be little doubt that the extra cost also applies to this particular category of users.

Beyond the distinctions and clarifications, the general specification seems completely clear: those who use iPhones, whether they are private or business customers, to surf with tethering must take into account an additional and different rate from those they pay to surf ' inside the Apple mobile, otherwise the traffic will be paid according to consumption. What does this rather simple mean: no special rate (like the Easy Internet) equal salty expense. The iPhone connected as a modem cannot draw on the data that is included with the Pi Facile iPhone and goes fishing directly on the "underlying" tariff plan, flat data or according to consumption.

That things, at present, are thus certified by Roberto Fraboni, developer for iPhone (his are Briscola, Tresette and Scopa) and among the readers of Macity. β€˜In recent days – says Roberto to our website – I connected to test the tethering using iPhone and to my surprise I found charges on my account. It is a small matter, because I only experimented, but if I had stayed connected for a long time I would have found myself with an unexpected bill. I understand that in the pages in question exactly the term of the question is clarified (even if the link proposed for the verification of the tariffs on the consumer page points to a page where we do not talk about the connection from the computer but to the Vodafone Live page), but probably Vodafone would be could have been clearer and precisely and more clearly specify the commercial choice to avoid unwanted surprises for its customers. '

The reason why Vodafone decides (unlike Tim who, as we read in the pages dedicated to iPhone rates, makes the GB of the iPhone bundle available for browsing on, the access point that is also used for connections from computer) to limit the use of data in 'Pi easier for iPhone' to the iPhone itself not very clear. Among the hypotheses there is that of a greater 'value' attributed to the MB transferred to the computer (which can do things that iPhone does not do) compared to those that are downloaded directly to the mobile phone. On the other hand, many operators have made this same choice, making the data transferred to the computer pay more than the data transferred to the mobile phone.

Before pronouncing a final sentence, in any case, one must wait for tethering to be officially enabled with the release of the operator setting updates that do not work perfectly in the current state of things or, alternatively, some clarification from Vodafone itself. Until then, all Vodafone users are warned: experiments with tethering, hacks to restore it using exotic sites and long sessions with the phone as a modem could reserve nasty surprises for your bank account or reset the rechargeable.

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