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Sygic forced to withdraw GPS maps for Europe from the App Store

Sygic forced to withdraw GPS maps for Europe from the App Store – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Sygic was forced to withdraw its navigation software with European maps for iPhone. The story and the reasons for what happened can be learned from the Sygic website itself.

In some cases, customers who purchased the software were faced with a "# 8003" error. The message, not very explanatory, translated into the inability to implement the full-bodied (1.6 GB, approximately) download despite having regularly paid what was due. The situation, unpleasant, as Sygic herself admits, caused an unspecified problem of the Apple Store itself whose managers are aware of the bug and should be at work to repair it.

"The standard process followed by a developer – Sygic says in a note – is the same for everyone: send the product for approval to Apple; Apple tests the software and once approved puts it into iTunes. There is no way to change anything on iTunes. We have to wait for the Apple team to deal with the problem. " Sygic invites customers who have purchased the software (and who in any case once normal is restored will not lose the right to download the browser), to use e-mail both to keep in touch with the developer and to report to Apple the existence of the problem and how it manifested. This could help the iTunes team resolve the situation faster.

Sygic also refers to some form of compensation for customers for the unpleasant situation.

Macity presented the Sygic offer in this article; the software with coverage of Australia and South East Asia are regularly available for purchase.

Thanks for the report to Massimo Marabese

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