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Slide Space, Italian puzzle game

Slide Space, Italian puzzle game – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Slide Space, the first video game by Dimitri Giani, arrives on the App Store. The developer, known for having created some highly successful applications (such as iBreviary) has created a 'casual' game in the style of puzzlegame where the player must collect points by creating combinations of 3 and 6 elements in the shortest time possible.

The various figures scroll sideways and you have to go hunting for what we need to create the combinations.

Slide Space structured in levels: each liveello provides a quantity of points to reach within a certain time, some figures give more points than others while others give bonuses in seconds. You have to think quickly to create combinations and get to the goal quickly.

Slide Space shares scores on Facebook where friends can be invited.

Slide Space has a cost of 1.59 euros (click here to access iTunes and buy); the support site reachable at this link.

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