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SanDisk invents the mini HD

SanDisk invents the mini HD – logomacitynet1200wide 1

SanDisk presented yesterday on the European market SanDisk Cruzer, a device for storing and transferring files.Cruzer has the ambition to replace the floppy disk and to help transport files from one computer to another when these they are too big to send by e-mail, a task which SanDisk believes is more flexible and more convenient than a CD-ROM or Zip.

Cruzer, in fact, a reader capable of accepting both Secure Digital and Multimedia Cards and of connecting to the USB port. Cruzer is already supplied complete with an internal memory of, depending on the model, 31, 64, 128 or 256 MB. The fact that it is not necessary to carry out any burning and that it is, on balance, a very small (no bigger than a key ring) HD expandable and hot-connectable to any machine equipped with the now pervasive USB standard, should guarantee Cruzer a wide market acceptance. The product will be available in the coming weeks; the price was not disclosed. It is compatible with Mac OS Classic and Mac OS X

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