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Samsung buys Perch to boost IoT and smart home division

Samsung has purchased the startup Perch, responsible for an application distributed in beta on the Google Play Store and dedicated to the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). The application allowed to transform any Android device equipped with an operating system 4.0 or later into a home monitoring tool.

It was enough to install the app and start recording what was happening using a webcam: the recordings and live coverage were available directly on the company web. In addition, the application allowed to perform actions remotely, such as turning on the lights, activating appliances and other activities related to home automation, up to being able to chat remotely directly – for example – with children at home.

"We are delighted to announce that Why is now part of Samsung Electronics," writes the company on its blog. “Our team will work with Samsung teams around the world to develop the next generation of IoT products.

The company also announces the end of the current application, already removed from the Google Play Store: "We are excited to have this opportunity. Unfortunately, by starting this new chapter, we will no longer be able to support the Perch home monitoring service in its current form. We will remove the beta from the Google Play Store and, after February 17, 2017, we will end support for the Perch application. "

With this acquisition, Samsung's desire to expand its presence on the home automation market is even more evident, especially considering how the South Korean multinational already presides over different corners of the house thanks to its appliances.

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