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Receive iPhone push notifications directly on the Mac with pushNotify


Guide to receiving and forwarding notifications from iOS to Mac thanks to the pushNotify | Cydia

Android users certainly know the PushBullet program, which allows you to forward and send notifications from your Android smartphone to the Google Chrome internet browser on PC and Mac. It is a very comfortable program that allows you to view all notifications from your Android smartphone directly on your PC or Mac: if you have the phone in your pocket or at work you cannot use it, thanks to a program of this type you can receive real-time notifications of calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Mail and anything else.

Since I discovered PushBullet for Android, I can't do without it. But is there a similar thing for iPhone and Mac? The answer is obviously affirmative and the program is calledushNotify, the aim of which is the simple but at the same time ingenious tweak: able to forward all the notifications that reach your iOS device to your Mac via WiFi synchronization.

The only flaw of the tweak that it is not possible to interact with the notifications and therefore manage them since, at least for the moment, it has a purely informative value.

pushNotify allows you to read all, but all, notifications received from your iPhone on the Mac screen. If you are often in front of the computer, for leisure or for work, and you don't want to look away even for a moment of the Mac to use the smartphone, then pushNotify the tweak that's right for you.pushNotify allows you to read, receive and view all iPhone notifications on the Mac:pity that it only works on iPhone with Jailbreak.

Thanks to twaekPushNotify you can have full view of the notifications that arrive on iOS comfortably from the Mac.

We see how to use and configure pushNotify for iPhone and Mac.pushNotify solves a simple problem that is important to users: if we are at the desk, in front of the Mac, and maybe we have the iPhone in another room, how can we receive all the iPhone notifications also on the Mac? The answer is calledpushNotify.

It is a new tweak, recently available on Cydia, which allows you to forward all notifications received from iPhone to Mac. All this takes place through a very quick configuration via WiFi (both devices must be connected to the same network) and thanks to the use of a companion-app for Mac. Contrary to PushBullet for Android, therefore, thisushNotify has a big limit: the two devices must be connected to the same WiFi network and the data network cannot be used. Sin.

However, once the connection is established, all notifications received from our iPhone will be automatically sent or pushed even on the Mac.

Tweak also offers some customization options:

  • by activating the Suppress item, the notifications will be hidden on the iOS device and will be shown only on the Mac;
  • activating, instead Static title, it will be possible to replace the original text of the notifications with a personalized one to be shown on the Mac (for example, the title of a notification could be New notification on your iPhone!).

As always, then, from the Settings app it is possible to disable the operation of the tweak at any time.

If you are interested, you can purchase pushNotify from the BigBoss repository in Cydia $ 0.99. The Mac companion app available for download from this page.

To install this program, a jailbroken device is required and an Internet connection is required to download the package. This tweak compatible with all iOS devices updated to firmware 7.0 or later version.

pushNotify a highly recommended program for all iPhone users: extremely comfortable, easy to configure, very useful. Try it!

If you have Windows, try GrowlNotifier, which does the same things but also supports Microsoft's operating system.

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