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Quick migration from CD-R to DVD-R.

Quick migration from CD-R to DVD-R. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

It has been calculated that for a burner factory the cost of converting the assembly line that passes from CD-R to DVD-R of approximately 486,000 euros while a new DVD-R assembly line can cost around 5 and a half million euros. But the best news still has to come: the profit for a company that goes from CD-R to DVD-R by 50%. Excellent hopes also for customers, with production increasing, prices will naturally drop. Among the major oriental assemblers there are Ritek and Prodisc Technology and it seems that they are following this policy.On the contrary CMC Magnetics claims that the demand for CD-R is still interesting, has implanted completely new and parallel DVD-R lines to those of CD-Rs.

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