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Push Notification Services, first applications for chatting on iPhone

The first applications that use notification services technology are starting to arrive. Among the first to report are certainly the chat applications, probably among the most in need of a remote warning system.

Last night both Aim, the chat client whose technologies are also the basis of iChat, and IM +, the latter to version 3.0, were updated.

Aim is free, it supports all America On Line accounts and is able to remain in the back ground, awaiting a message alert for 24 hours; Aim also compatible with .Mac accounts. IM + for a fee (4.99 euros) and compatible with a wide range of protocols (Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, ICQ, Google Talk, MySpace, Jabber), supports sending images, records audio and provides the geographical coordinates of the person in chat and much more, and for a fee. There is also an advanced and paid version of Aim (2.39 euros) which eliminates advertising, but which is functionally identical to the free version.

To use push notification services (a system that makes a "comic" appear similar to the one that numbers SMS messages next to the application), you must have iPhone 3.0