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PSP emulator on iPhone, iPod and iPad: here's how to use PSP games on …


How to install an emulator and PSP games on iPhone, iPod and iPad with iOS 7 thanks to PSPSPP

Android users certainly know the PPSSPP program very well, a software that has long been available for the Google operating system that allows you to emulate PSP games on Android. In fact, with PSPSPP it is possible to play PSP games on Android smartphones and tablets thanks to a particular emulation system.

After a period of exclusive for Android,PPSSPP finally arrives also on jailbreak iPhones, iPods and iPads. So in this guide we see together how to do it play PSP games on iPhone, iPod and iPad thanks to tweakPPSSPP. As said, being a Cydia's tweak, PPSSPP only works on Apple devices with jailbreak.

PPSSPP is the first ever emulator that brings PSP games to iOS, in particular to Apple jailbroken devices. Lemulator allows you to start the original .iso of the PSP games on iPhone, iPod and iPad;to function correctly the ISO must be loaded, via iFile oSSH, inside the pathvar / mobile / Documentsof your iPhone, iPod and iPad. If you don't know how to do it, don't worry: we are here to explain each step precisely and simply.

If you also want to use PSPSPP to play PSP games on iPhone, iPod and iPad, you simply have to follow this guide.

First of all, to download PPSSPP and install it on your device with iOS 7.To do this you must:

  • open Cydia
  • add the new repo
  • search for the PPSSPP program and install it.

Nothing could be simpler.Now you have installed the emulator, but there are still no PSP games to be able to start them.

After installation, you will find the icon of PPSSPP on the home of your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

At this point you just have to load your original .iso of the PSP games and save them in the folder var / mobile / Documentsof your iPhone, iPod and iPad. To transfer the ISO from the PC to the iPhone, iPod or iPad you can use the iFunBox program, completely free and very easy to use. At this point you just have to start PPSSPP and start playing PSP games on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Have fun!

For more details, here is a video that explains everything:

  • how to download and install PPSSPP on iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • where to find ISO of PSP games for the emulator
  • how to transfer PSP games to iphone, iPod and iPad to play with PPSSPP

As mentioned, we remind you that for the installation of this program a jailbrokened device required an Internet connection is required to download the package. This program also compatible with iOS 6 and earlier.

Now really everything. For any doubt or question, do not hesitate to leave a comment!

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