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Problems for Alias ​​| Wavefront

Problems for Alias ​​| Wavefront – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Alias ​​| Wavefront sails in calm waters: it closes offices and loses important "pieces" of its management. Among these, even the co-founder, Mark Sylvester after 18 years of militancy. The little reassuring news is bouncing in many hours on many Internet sites and is collected and listened with great interest also by the Mac world. The Canadian company, in fact, since the launch of the Mac OS X version of Maya which has become a full-fledged protagonist of the Apple world. The potentially most disturbing news is that of the departure of Sylvester who had been among the founders of Wavefront, one of the two realities that after the merger in 1995 gave rise to Alias ​​| Wavefront. The reason for his departure is not yet clear. We only learn from his voice that the decision was made "to give voice to the community of 2D and 3D artists towards the houses that produce software". According to some sources, in any case, Sylvester would have had some differences with his parent company and for this reason he would have decided to leave. His departure leads to the closure of the development office in Santa Barbara, California, from where Sylvester himself operated . From the same sources that describe Sylvester on a collision course with Alias ​​| Wavefront it seems to understand that the decision to close the Santa Barbara office was one of the causes of Sylvester's departure

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