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Poll: will you buy an iPhone shortly, in some time or never?

Poll: will you buy an iPhone shortly, in some time or never? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Macitynet has set up three surveys dedicated to its readers with or without an iPhone from previous generations. It is a way to collect opinions and purchase intentions for the Cupertino mobile phone after the publication of the specifications of the new 3GS model and those of the iPhone software. 3.0 which will equip the 3G models sold in Italy and perhaps also the first generation ones imported into our country from the parallel market.

Will you buy an iPhone 3G or 3Gs immediately, in over three months or, given the features or the prices, will you postpone the purchase further?

The surveys are broken down by your current phone possession status

– Poll for those who don't have an iPhone

– Survey for those who own a first generation iPhone

– Survey for those who own an iPhone 3G

And finally, for those who have already purchased it, we opened a discussion to find out the first impressions of use: on this page of the Macitynet Forum.

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