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OnePlus, unveiled an option that would extend Dark Mode to many apps

OnePlus seems to be thinking about a new option that Would "force" the dark mode on some apps that do not natively support Dark Mode at the system level.

oneplus dark mode app

According to what emerged on the web, it seems that the new option has been included in the update OxygenOS Open Beta 11 released for OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. However, the "forced dark mode" option is not currently available even for beta testers, and is found only in some code strings.

Members of the popular XDA developer forum were able to bring out the forced dark mode option in the Settings panel of the latest version of OnePlus OxygenOS Open Beta. The option entitled "Enable dark shades in multiple apps" and available together with the dark system-level mode. We currently don't know which apps will be supported by the new option.

“Apps that don't support the dark theme are also displayed as dark shades. Some apps may not work as expected, you can disable them in the following list ", reads the description on the screen showing the new option.

New features from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are often tested through beta versions. However, it is not certain that these features will actually become publicly available. The same goes for this new option from the Shenzhen-based company, which may even never become "concrete".

As OutofBit readers will remember, Google introduced system-wide Dark Mode on mobile devices through the release of Android 10, which started in September last year. Several apps, including WhatsApp, have equipped themselves with the dark mode, especially designed for reduce eye strain in low light environments.

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