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On Amazon the offers for the smart home from 10 to 14 October

Smart lamps, thermostats and valves, cameras and surveillance and alarm systems within reach of all budgets and especially smart those you find on offer these days on Amazon thanks to a special initiative dedicated to all the Offers for the Smart Home


The availability of the offers is very wide and in some cases the discounts reach up to almost 50% compared to the list price and the brands are well known by our readers and are a guarantee of reliability.

Macitynet has long browsed the pages of Amazon and found several interesting products among those it has already reviewed or reported in the past.

In particular, we like to report the station to you Netatmo at 144.90 Euros instead of 169, the thermostat (non-homekit version) at 144.99 instead of 179 Euros and finally the Welcome smart camera at 149 Euros instead of 199. Several kits Philips Hueat an advantageous price and the Hue Go lamp with a very good discount, the system iSmart Alarm at 125 Euros instead of 200 and the room at 90 Euros instead of 150, the Foscam external IP cameras for outdoor with good discount. Some Honeywell solutions are also available

for multizone and multiradiator control.

netatmo3 "width =" 993 "height =" 396 "srcset =" 993w, wp-content / uploads / 2016/10 / netatmo3-480x191.jpg 480w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 993px) 100vw, 993px "src =" content / uploads / 2016/10 / netatmo3.jpg "/></p><p>For those who want to find products compatible with <strong>Homekit</strong> and on offer we point out that the whole Philips Hue series<img style=

, with the exception of the old kit with the round router, which is also offered at a mega-discounted price, perfectly manageable by iPhone and iPad with iOS 10 on board. (Attention: discounts can vary from day to day).

hue "width =" 1135 "height =" 268 "srcset =" 1135w, wp-content / uploads / 2016/10 / hue-480x113.jpg 480w, 1024w "data-lazy-sizes = "(max-width: 1135px) 100vw, 1135px" src = "" /></p><p>Brands with discounts are:<strong>Honeywell<img style=,Philips Hue(smart lighting), Foscam (Indoor and outdoor IP cameras), Fibaro (peripherals and Z-wave gateways), iSmart Alarm (alarm systems and cameras) e MyFox (alarm systems), EzWiz (alarm systems), Netatmo (thermostats and surveillance systems), D-Link(cameras and basic home automation system with Wi-Fi peripherals and Z-wave-20% per cart by purchasing at least 2 myhome products), Tado (thermostats and remote controls for air conditioners), WolfGuard (alarm systems), NetGear (Cameras and routers with 15% discount on ARLO accessories), Steinel (lighting systems).

To discover all the offers for the Smart Home

active from 10 to 14 October, start from this Amazon page.